DTP Design

We bring the communication contents of your company together through a creative and systematic process of ideation and visual representation.

We combine the art and creativity of graphic design with a detailed knowledge of a range of popular desktop publishing applications.

A comprehensive corporate design concept ensures that your company presents a uniform and coherent image, both internally and externally.
We help you with the concept development, implementation and production
of printed and print-like media of all kinds.

This includes brochures, business reports, magazines, catalogues, flyers, books and the like.
On paper, as a digital magazine or in app form.


We design your corporate brand, product brands and service marks.
We translate your vision, brand promises and brand strategy concept into a visual identity.
This ensures that you can communicate your brand in a consistent and unique manner and distinguish it from the competition. In this way, branding becomes a symphony of design, language and experience, and engenders a very specific emotion.
We cooperate with our colleagues from Contesio’s Business & Operations  business unit to support you in developing your brand strategy, e.g. brand personality and market positioning.

Your subjects – we implement them

  • Product Brand
  • Service Brand
  • Logos
  • Brand Personality
  • Packaging Design


Your goal is to increase your sales through a targeted advertising campaign, enhance the image of your company or perhaps launch new products or services.
We design your advertisements and promotional materials so that they are interesting, clear and unambiguous, speak to your target audience in their language and use a clear design language that reflects your company values. This includes developing communication strategies, and the concept development, design and production of advertising campaigns.
We naturally take into consideration any existing or yet-to-be-developed corporate design your company has.