We bring the future to your business. We develop and supply innovative concepts and solutions in the fields of augmented and mixed reality.
With our services, we are focused on commercial and industrial customers who are interested in benefiting from the diverse and fascinating opportunities offered by augmented and mixed reality in their business.


Our solutions are designed for use in professional contexts. We deal principally with technical objects and with the embedding of objects into a technical environment.
Typical applications include, for example, technical training courses, assistance with the repair and maintenance of technical products and systems, product presentations, simulations and specialist e-commerce solutions.


Our cross-functional team can provide with you a complete service, from consulting and conception to design and application development, and even implementation of the solutions in your system infrastructure.
Needless to say, we offer a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art solutions for all standard platforms and devices. We therefore supply augmented reality applications for smartphone, tablet and desktop, supporting iOS, Android and Windows devices as required.
Mixed reality applications are offered for such devices as Microsoft HoloLens 2.