APP Creation

App Design

We design UIs for desktop applications, mobile apps and web applications. We combine appealing design features with the desired functionality and user guidance aspects. We support software development projects from the first wireframe to the finished release.

In addition to our internally developed applications, we offer our services as well to external software developers. The services we offer are also of interest to IT companies and freelance software developers who wish to augment their technical expertise with our design know-how.

Seamless workflow ensures that projects are managed efficiently and the software is completed quickly. The end result is a software solution that offers the user/consumer a convincing user experience.

App Development

We develop apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. Depending on the respective use case, we utilize the most suitable technology. We provide you with all services concerning development and implementation of native apps, (progressive) web apps or canvas apps.

Additionally, we at My Creative People have recourse to the competence of our in-house colleagues from  the Business unit Contesio – Digital Business & Operations. Thus, we can offer a wide range of expertises, seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive service offer.